Oct 20, 2011

Removing duplicated contacts

Unfortunately, Google Contacts is not stable enough yet and sometimes creates many duplicates. As a workaround for the issue, I've added a function to remove duplicates. Please note it is an experimental function. Try Google's one first and then, if Google cannot remove them, try Google Contacts.

The function checks primary email, second email and display name. If all of them are the same among some contacts, they are recognized as duplicates and removed. It is available in v0.6.40b4. Again, please try it carefully.

Invoke the function from drop down menu of toolbar icon

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Dan said...

I've found a bug in GC - and the issue tracker appears to be broken. So I'm posting here...

Google contacts is mangling together contacts which share an e-mail address.

GC 0.6.40

In gmail - create two contacts like this - where two (or more) contacts share same e-mail address:

Jane Smith - smiths@example.com
Bob Smith - smiths@example.com

Now, sync into thunderbird.

It creates 2 entries - however, both entries will display as "Jane Smith" and will have all of Jane Smiths other info. Bob Smith is lost. In fact, the "view source xml" for both of the entries are identical. It would appear that GC keying the contact information on the e-mail address somewhere internally - but that is not (necessarily) a unique value...

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