Jan 30, 2012

Reducing memory usage of Google Contacts

Sorry for the silence for a few months. I've not had enough time to writing extensions. It still goes on but I'll update them little by little when I find time.

Now Google Contacts 0.6.41b1 is available. I found a possibility of memory leak and tried to fix it in the version. I don't know it can resolve memory usage issue reported many users completely. But I'm glad if you can test it and post a comment here.

Google Contacts 0.6.41b1:


Juan A. Bertolin said...


Just downloaded the beta version because the previous one generated a memory leak and produced a memory usage increase from 300Mb (current without GCont addon) to 1Gb. I have installed new versiĆ³n and RAM increases too around to 800Mbs. Once disabled your add on it comes back to the 250-300Mbs so I suspect that there is still a memory leask. Just to let you know I have around 6000 contacts in Google Contacts.

h.ogi said...

Thank you for testing. I keep working on it.

JAB said...

Thanks for your work. What I am doing now is activating your plugin to update local copy of Google Contacts and once that, I deactivate it to avoid to run it out of memory.

As soon as you will do some advance, just let me know and I will test it again (juan.bertolin@espaitec.uji.es)


Daniel D. said...

I've a question regarding Google Contacts: Is it possible to rename the standard group of Coworkers in german to "Kollegen" instead of "Mitarbeiter"? Google Mail named it "Kollegen" and it's a little bit confusing if you've two different names.

Do I've to create a new adressbook if I use Google Contacts (like now) or is it possible to choose an existing one?

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