Feb 11, 2013

Google Contacts 0.7b4

Google Contacts 0.7b4 is available for download. This will be the last beta for v0.7.

In this version, you can bind a main phone in Google to mobile phone in Thunderbird. Under the configuration, when you edit mobile phone in Thunderbird, main phone in Google will be changed, and vice versa. The option is in the Conversion tab in the option dialog. Find the section as the following image:


Samuel Cernunnos said...

In my contacts list I use custom fields for cell phone numbers, for example: the field name is not Celular, the name is CLARO or TIM, which are carriers here in Brazil. In the field of home phone field name like this CASA. Its download it automatically as nessesito this Information.
Estou usando a versão 0.7.11

Vincent DUVERNET said...


with the new Thunderbird 38.0.1, Google Contacts (0.7.12) is incompatible.
Have you planned a new version ?



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