Dec 22, 2008

Call for Priority Switcher icons (and v0.5.30 release note)

Priority Switcher 0.5.30 is now available for download. It newly has a icon switching function, which changes priority icons for the thread pane. You can choose one of two icon sets in the option dialog: "Default" and "Outlook like". The Outlook like icon set is provided by a Priority Switcher user, Joshua_X.

If you want to bundle your icons to the package, please send me the following icons:
highest_tri.png (16x16 highest priority)
high_tri.png (16x16 high priority)
normal_tri.png (16x16 normal priority)
low_tri.png (16x16 low priority)
lowest_tri.png (16x16 lowest priority)
none.png (16x16 no priority)
prio_col.png (12x12 thread pane header, no sort)
prio_col_a.png (12x12 thread pane header, ascending sort)
prio_col_d.png (12x12 thread pane header, descending sort)
* png or gif format is required

In addition to the icons, please tell me the icon set name, which will be shown in the option dialog.

Thanks in advance.

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