Aug 19, 2018

Supporting Thunderbird 60

As you may know, all add-ons are disabled by default in Thunderbird 60. I've upload the first beta versions to address the issue. The following add-ons are available. I'm sorry but other add-ons will not be updated for Thunderbird 60.
  • Check and Send 1.0.20b1
  • EnForward 0.4.10b5
  • Maximize Message Pane 1.2.20b1
  • New Tab Button 0.2.10b1
  • Priority Switcher 0.7.10b1
  • Tag Toolbar 0.9.10b4

Please do not install old version to Thunderbird 60. Especially, Priority Switcher 0.7.00 will crash Thunderbird. And also note the option dialog is not available in Add-on Manager tab. You can find it as menu item in the "Hamburger" icon -> Add-ons.

Please feel free to leave comments if you find any problems.

In order to fix the problems, I referred to

[2018/08/22 Update] EnFoward is updated.
  • Fixed: datepicker in reminder setting dialog is not display

    [2018/08/25 Update] Tag Toolbar is updated
    • Fixed: Tag bar and Lightning Today Pane overlap
    • Fixed: Tags are not attached to an outgoing message

    [2018/08/25 Update] EnForward is updated
    • Fixed: Filter actions are duplicated if a message is opened by new window
    • Fixed: Context menus need to be disabled in a message window 
    • Fixed: Message is also forwarded CC address 

    [2018/09/01 Update] Tag Toolbar is updated
    • Fixed: toolbar in a message header is disabled after customization 

    [2018/09/02 Update] EnForward is updated
    • Added: add option to remove message after forward 

    [2018/10/25 Update] TagToolbar is updated
    • Fixed: Tag toolbar is corrupted if the number of toolbar is configured other than 1.

    Apr 29, 2017

    Check and Send for Thunderbird 52

    Check and Send 1.0.10 is now available. It fixes Thunderbird 52 compatibility issue.
    It also fixes recipient checker issue.

    You may set "dom.compartment_per_addon = false", now it is not needed anymore.


    Maximize Message Pane 1.2.10

    Maximize Message Pane 1.2.10 is now available.
    It fixes the following Thunderbird 52 compatibility issue:

    Fixed: cannot maximize message pane by double-clicking on thread pane


    Tag Toolbar for Thunderbird 52

    Tag Toolbar has been updated for Thunderbird 52. Please download from the following link:

    Tag Toolbar 0.9.00

    It is not yet tested enoguh. Please let me know if you find any problems.

    New Tab Button for Thunderbird 52

    New Tab Button 0.2.00 supports Thunderbird 52.

    Next update will be TagToolbar/Check and Send.
    Sorry for inconvenience.


    EnFoward for Thunderbird 52

    I've released EnForward 0.4.00 which can work on Thunderbird 52.
    It also includes some bug fixes.

    Fixed: TB52 compatibility
    Fixed: Cannot work for message filter
    Fixed: Limitation configurations do not match with current Evernote's one
    Fixed: Fail to encode non-ASCII characters in subject


    Apr 16, 2017

    Maximize Message Pane for Thunderbird 52

    I've just released Maximize Message Pane 1.2.00. It works on Thunderbird 52.
    Please download it from the following link:

    I know other addons do not compatible to Thunderbird 52. I will fix them when I have time.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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