Nov 16, 2007

Supported Languages and Call for Translation

All my extensions are translated at BabelZilla.
If you concern about translation of my extensions, please join BabelZilla and translate their strings.

And please tell me if my English strings in the extensions are incorrect or confusing.

Each extensions include the following locales:
  • Maximize Message Pane: English, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Spanish (Spain), French, German, Portuguese (Brazilian), Danish, Slovak, Dutch, Ukrainian, Polish, Norwegian (Bokmål), Hungarian, Chinese (Traditional)
  • Get before Send: English, Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish (Spain), Slovak, Danish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Portuguese (Portugal), Polish, German
  • Check and Send: English, Japanese, Italian, French, Dutch, Slovak, German, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish
  • Priority Switcher: English, Japanese, Italian, French, Dutch, Korean, Polish, Catalan, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Russian, Finnish
  • Tag Toolbar: English, Japanese, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazilian), Dutch, Spanish, German, Czech
  • Gmail IMAP Account Setup: English (US), Japanese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Bulgarian, German, Russian, French, Spanish (Spain), Swedish, English (British), Slovak, Indonesian (Indonesia), Turkish, Catalan, Hungarian, Korean, Arabic, Czech, Danish, Portuguese (Portugal), Ukrainian
  • Google Contacts: English (US), Japanese, French, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Brazilian), Catalan, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), German, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Portuguese (Portugal)

Thanks in advance :)


Anonymous said...

I installed "Priority Switcher 0.4.50" on my german version of Thunderbird (, unfortunately it does not work – I have no idea what I should translate and how to unpack or create a xpi file. could you please help me?
Thank you in advance, best regards

h.ogi said...


German locale is not included so far. But your German Thunderbird should use English locale instead and should work correctly. Can you download the extension and install it again?

The xpi file is just a zip file. If you unzip it, you will find chrome.jar in the chrome folder. Unzip the chrome.jar again. Finally, you will find 4 files in locale/en-US/priosw/.
If you concern about translation, translate all stirngs in the files and send them to me. Please note that these files must saved with UTF-8N encoding.


h.ogi said...

German translator has just joined in BabelZilla. Please wait until he release his locale.

h.ogi said...

German locale is added to v0.4.60 now.

Anonymous said...

In localization Gmail IMAP Account Setup - 1.6.10 in file missing 'gimapisp.trashFolder' key.

h.ogi said...

gimapisp.trashFolder is move to gimapisp.dtd. The key in will be ignored if it exists.

Anonymous said...

If I install gimapisp1610.xpi and then add the Gmail account in Czech, then Trash folder is not set and is show error message 'Could not setup Drafts, Sent... folders...' (course in Czech).

If I add to the file '' line 'gimapisp.trashFolder=[Gmail]/Koš', everything is fine.

h.ogi said...

I checked the Czech locale. It seems that a string for a starred folder is wrong. Can you modify gimapisp.starredFolder in the gimapisp.prperties file and try it again?

I don't know why adding gimapisp.trashFolder solves the problem. I confirmed the source code but it does not get gimapisp.trashFolder anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hi, proper cs-CZ locale for starred folder is now

gimapisp.starredFolder=[Gmail]/S hvězdičkou

Seems google has changed it.

h.ogi said...


Thank you for the information. I'll fix it soon.

SiMond said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SiMond said...

hello there

first of all my thanks for your effort to bring Google Contacts to Thunderbird.

Now for contributing to your project I was wondering where to find the friendly source code.

have a nice day

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