Mar 15, 2008

Check and Send 0.8.00b7

Check and Send 0.8.00b7 is available for download now.
This version includes changes of an alert for a recipients' name correction.

I think it is getting stable now. So, changes of functionalities will be freezed soon.
Please tell me if you find problems or have features you want to add.


Anonymous said...

Is possible customize/extend the extension to classify automatically the mails by append a predefined text in subject ? J have this requirements and now use this extension (to verify the presence/absence of words in subject) and custombuttons (to insert text). Ideal is have this in one only - and customizable - extension : this.
In few word with another tab in extension option named "classify" :
"default_internal" : check (on/off) + textstring to append in subject for mail sent at the same my domain (i.e. subject+" - INTERNAL USE")
"default_external" : check (on/off) + textstring for addresses with other domains than my (i.e. subject+" - CONFIDENZIAL")

J think that this new feauture can have many person interested to use and enanchement.

Best Regards

garyo said...

Hi; I don't know if this is possible already, but I would like to prevent sending to a particular recipient address (maybe by regex) from one of my identities, no matter what is in the content. Can that be done?

-- Gary Oberbrunner

h.ogi said...

For the post at March 28, 2008 9:56 PM:
The aim of the extension is to confirm that it is really OK to send a message; to classify is out of the aim.

IMHO, your current flow, add a text then check it by the extension, is better than the flow you proposed because the current flow includes a check by your eyes. The extension is just an assistant.

h.ogi said...

To garyo:

One possible solution is to make an address book consists of addresses to which you don't want to send a message and set to confirm if a message will be sent to the addresses in the address book.

A regular expression cannot be used for a recipients check so far. I'll mull over it.

klint said...

I'm trying to use regular expressions when checking mail for attachments.

Is the following entry valid?


This triggers on "attachment", but not on "here is", although it should, AFAIK!


klint said...

Sorry for bothering you. I actually used a wrong regular expression.
This one works better:
Issue solved :)

And thanks again for this very powerful extension.

h.ogi said...

No problem. Thank you for the post.
It will be valuable information for other users.

Check and Send can interpret only JavaScript's regular expression. Please refer to the document for details.

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