Mar 14, 2008

Final beta of Tag Toolbar 0.7

Tag Toolbar 0.7.00b4 is available for download now.
This will be the last beta of v0.7.

This version includes localization and some bug fixes. Some strings are not translated in some locales yet. These strings have been translated and tested by translators.

I'm plan to release v0.7.10 in the end of March.
If you find some problems, please post them here or contact to me.


Anonymous said...

Small problem occuring for a while: when I chose to display only one category of tags in the tag toolbar, the settings is often/always forgotten when I close TB. The next time TB is run, all tags are shown.

h.ogi said...

Thanks for the report.

Are there any error messages in the error console?
And do you change settings of Tag Toolbar from default?

Anonymous said...

Hello again
False alert! I just have understood that the settings are folder-dependant! So my settings weren't lost at all, I only was looking at a different folder.
Sorry :)

h.ogi said...

The extension remembers the last selected categories in each folders.
Do you mentioned to it?
If so, disable the functionality by extension's option form.

klint said...

Sorry for keeping you waiting for an answer!
Yes, I was referring this setting that I was not aware about!

By the way, would you find useful as well to implement a "default category" that would be displayed for every folded by default (instead of all categories) until a specific category is chosen?

The rationale behind is that I have 2 categories, one for "system" tags usually set by some extensions, which I always hide, and the "manual" ones, explicitely set by me, which I always display.
Of course, this setting could also be defaulted to "All categories".


h.ogi said...

That is a nice idea, I think.
I'll mull over it.

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