May 1, 2008

Check and Send 0.8.00b9

Check and Send 0.8.00b9 is available for download now. This will be the last beta for v0.8 release. I don't plan to add new functionalities to v0.8 anymore; if you need a new functionality, this will be implemented in v0.9. b9 has been translated to some languages but some strings have not been translated yet in some locales. Translators are working for these strings now, so they will be fully translated by the time when Check and Send 0.8.10 is released.

In addtion to the locale update, b9 includes a hidden preference: chksend.recip_replace_event. This preference determins when the recipient name checking is performed. If you want to use the preference set up it as follows:
  1. Open Config Editor
  2. Create new preference as Interger
  3. Set its name chksend.recip_replace_event
  4. Set its value to
    • 0: check on opening a composer
    • 1: check before sending a message
    • 2: both
If you want to set this option only for an identity and you know the key for the identity, create mail.identity.idXXX.chksend.recip_replace_event instead of the preferece above.

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