Sep 27, 2008

Tag Toolbar 0.7.70

Tag Toolbar 0.7.70 is now available for download.
It improves detection of a sent message when you add tags to it.

Sep 25, 2008

Locale update

I've updated a summary for supported languages of each addons.
Google Contacts supports 10 languages now! Thanks, translators!

If you are interested in translating my addons, please join BabelZilla and translate them.
Thanks in advance!

Google Contacts 04.10

Google Contacts 0.4.10 is now available for download. It includes minor improvements for a simple backup system and new locales.
  • Use UTF-8 for Thunderbird address book backups if there is a character which cannot be encoded in a default charset
  • Add preference to specify charset for Thunderbird address book backups: gmcont.dump_charset
  • Add de-DE and ru-RU locales
Google Contacts determins an encoding for Thunderbird address book backup file according to the value of intl.charset.default. For example, in Japanese Windows and Japanese locale Thunderbird environment, the value is Shift_JIS and the backup file is saved in Shift_JIS encoding. However, in Japanese Windows and English Thunderbird, the value is ISO-8859-1 and cannot handle multi-byte characters. Namely, Google Contacts may create backup in a wrong encoding and you may fail to import the backuped csv file.

If you are in the same trouble, install v0.4.10 and set gmcont.dump_charset to the proper charset by the Config Editor. In order to check the proper charset, export an address book to a csv file by Thunderbird's export function and see the encoding of the file by a text editor which can see a file encoding.

Sep 22, 2008

Rollbacking Thunderbird address book and Google Contact

Google Contacts has newly had a backup functionality since v0.4.00. It will takes snapshots when you click reload button. It takes them when Thunderbird starts up if you enabled reloading contacts at startup option.

The backup files are stored in [profile_directory]/Google Contacts/[account]/Google/ and [profile_directory]/Google Contacts/[account]/Thunderbird/. The Google directory includes backups for Google Contact and the Thunderbird directory includes backups for Thunderbird address book. By default, it stores 10 backups. If you want to change the number, create gmcont.max_backups and set it to the value by the Config Editor. If you want to disable the functionality, set it to 0.

The both backups are CSV files and they are named as account-yyyymmdd-hhmmss.csv. They can be imported by the import functionalites of Thunderbird and Gmail.

The functionality assume to use the import functionalities of Thunderbird and Gmail, the following fields cannot be restored:
  • Thunderbird cards: Screen name, Prefers to receive messages formatted as, and Allow remote images in HTML mail
  • Google contacts: Other fields In the More information, photo.
Moreover, mail lists in Thunderbird and groups in Google Contacts are not be able to restore either.

It is an experimental functionality. If you find problems or have suggestions, please let me know.

Update 1:
If you cannot import a backup file for a Thunderbird address book due to a character encoding problem, see the post and try Google Contacts v0.4.10.

Google Contacts 0.4.00

Google Contacts 0.4.00 is now available for download. It includes the following changes:
  • Added: backup Thunderbird address book and Google Contact for each accounts
  • Added: it-IT, ca-AD and zh-CN locales
See the post for the details of the backup functionality.

Sep 15, 2008

Google Contacts 0.3.70 and Priority Switcher 0.5.20

I've updated Google Contacts and Priority Switcher. They are updates for pt-BR locales.
Thanks RodrigoBiker!

Sep 14, 2008

Changing icons of Priority Switcher

You may think you want to change the priority icons that are added by Priorty Swithcer. I show you the way to change these icons.
  1. Copy icons you want to use to the "chrome" directory in your profile. It exsit in C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\chrome on Windows XP. If the directory does not exist, create it.
  2. Copy userChrome.css to the same directory. If you already have had the file, append to it.
  3. Modify the uri() in the file. If there is an element you want to use default icon, delete the setting for it. For example, if you want to use "lowest.png" for the lowest priority icon, change uri("flag_purple.png") in treechildren::-moz-tree-image(colPSWPriorityIcon, lowest) to uri("lowest.png"). If you don't want to change the icons in the thread pane header ("!" icon), delete the following elements: #colPSWPriorityIcon, #colPSWPriorityIcon[sortDirection="ascending"], and #colPSWPriorityIcon[sortDirection="descending"].
I don't have a skill for creating cool icons and I think the default icons are not so good. If you have nice icons and want to make it default, please let me know. I'll mull over bundling them.

Postbox: Another Mozilla-based Email Client

Scott McGregor, who was a former Thunderbird lead engineer, announced a new mozilla-based email client called Postbox. It enhances managing and searching of messages, attachments, images, etc. I sympathize with the ideas they try to realize. I think an email client should be like a knowledge base which manages information from many messages. Postbox may become a solution for the challenging issue. I hope Thunderbird and Postbox will evolve through friendly competition.

There is not beta which you could download but you can see a few screenshots and a demo. The following is presentation at the TechCrunch 50 conference.

Webcam chat at Ustream

Sep 6, 2008

Google Contacts 0.3.60

Google Contacts did not remember a password and asked it if you had changed it.
v0.3.50 fixes the problem. I recommend all users to update.

It also includes new locales: fr-FR and es-ES.
Thanks translators!

Sep 4, 2008

Gmail IMAP Account Setup 1.5.00

As you know, Gmail IMAP Account Setup sets up accounts by following the Google's recommended settings. I've notified that one of the settings is changed by a user; browser.cache.memory.capacity is changed to 30720. Gmail IMAP Account Setup 1.5.00 set up accounts by following the new setting.

The value is changed when you install the new version and the value is old setting: 31457280. The rewriting is done only once. So, if you prefer to keep using 31457280, set the value to 31457280 again after the addon change it. And it will changes only when the old value is 31457280. It will not change it if you use another value.

In addtion to the change, it includes new locale: ko-KR.

Sep 1, 2008

Google Contacts 0.3.50

Google Contacts 0.3.50 is now available for download. It includes the following changes:
  • Fixed: mail lists will not be deleted in synchronizing
  • Fixed: duplicated cards are created in creating a mail list
  • Fixed: bypassing cache (set gmcont.bypass_cache to false if you need caching)
I've submitted v0.3.50 to AMO, too. It means v0.3.50 becomes a stable version and bugs in v0.2.xx is not fixed anymore. Please update if you use v0.2 series.

I've also submitted it to BabelZilla and start to collect locales. Please sign up BabelZilla and translate it into your language.


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