Oct 16, 2008

Shredder Alpha 3

Mozilla Messaging released Shredder Alpha 3, which was planed to be the first Thunderbird3 preview: Thunderbird3 beta1. It is an alpha version yet, but some remarkable features have landed. The following features are newly added. See the release note for more details.
  • Improved Message Reader View
  • Add/Edit Contacts from the Message Header
  • Integrated Vista Search
  • Automatic Message Download for IMAP
  • Birthday Field in Address Book
Some users may do not prefer the new header view, but I like it. Especially, the expanded style seems to be more functional.

Collapsed header view.

Expanded header view. You can easily add an email address by clicking the star near the address. It is similar to the way that Firefox bookmarks a web page.

Automatic Message Download for IMAP is one of long awaited features.

Address book has a birthday field.

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