Dec 14, 2008

Google Contacts 0.5b8

Google Contacts 0.5b8 is available for download.

In this beta, synchronization of Gmail's system groups is newly added. Your system groups are mapped as follows:
  • My Contacts -> System Group: My Contacts
  • Friends -> System Group: Friends
  • Family -> System Group: Family
  • Co-workers -> System Group: Coworkers
Please note that all you can do for them is adding/removing contacts from them. Renaming/deleting them are not allowed.

I write this post since this change may involve some bugs and I should notify the risk to you. Please use it carefully and let me know if you find any problems.


Marc Lacoste said...

Hi, thanks for your extension.

Now tBird 3 is in beta, does your extension is compatible with?

h.ogi said...

No. It has not supported TB3 yet. It will not works even if you install it to TB3 by modifying maxVersion.

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