Dec 25, 2008

Open New Tab Extension for Thunderbird3

I started to use Thunderbird3b1 in order to study feasibility of updating my extensions for Thunderbird3. My first impression for Thunderbird3b1 is that the tab accessibility is not enough. It seems there is only one method to open a tab: from the context menu of the thread pane. So, I created an extension to add other methods to open a tab: New Tab Button Extension. I'm glad if you like it.

It provide you the following functionalities:
  • Open a selected message in a tab by a toolbar button
  • Open a message in a tab by double-clicking it when the toolbar button's dropdown menu is checked
  • Open a selected message in a tab by Shift+T shortcut key
I made it to taste add-on development for Thunderbird3. So, I don't plan to add other features to the extension. And I also think these features would be provided by Thunderbird3, not an extension.

BTW, I read some codes of Thunderbird3b1 and I seems that alomost all my extensions will not work on Thunderbird3. I'm going to start to update them for Thunderbird3 after Thunderbird3b2 release but some of them may not be updated in time for Thunderbird3.0 release.


Anonymous said...

Tag Toolbar works under 3.0 beta 1, at least partially. The problem I've seen so far is that the display of tags doesn't automatically update as one switches between messages in a folder view. If you manually update the tag toolbar, it shows the proper tags for the currently-selected message, though.

BTW: Tag Toolbar is brilliant; this functionality should be built into Thunderbird 3. Thanks for writing it. I'm looking forward to a fully functional version for 3.x!

Anonymous said...

New Tab extension installs in Thunderbird 3.0b2 but doesn't seem to allow double-clicking on the tab to open it up. Double clicking seems to do nothing (doesn't open a separate window as is default if it is not installed).

I LOVE this extension, it makes the new TB3 a usable program - I've been using since release in the earlier betas and nightlies.


h.ogi said...

Thanks for the report. I fixed it and uploaded new version to AMO.

Roger Dean said...

Thanks very much for this - you are right that this should be default TB behavior. Otherwise why spend all that effort implementing a tab system?

I know you don't want to spend too much time on this, but would it be easy to make this work for the address book and new message windows as well? Then tabs will be really clean and tidy.

Many thanks again

Ruddy said...

Great job! I am using 3.0b3pre. This add-on is really useful.

Anonymous said...

This extension is really awesome, and it works fine in TB 3.0 beta2.

There is, however, one major drawback: the button has to be in the toolbar in order for double-clicking to work. Apart from the fact that this should be a feature of TB itself (it hopefully will be in the final version), why not make a preference, i.e. a checkbox accessible from the add-ons window, instead of a drop-down menu?

As a minor issue, one might also want to have the address book in a tab …

h.ogi said...

Please try v0.1.13.
It can open a tab by double clicking without the toolbar button.

kdehater said...

Can a new tab be opened by middle-clicking a message? This would be consistent with Firefox's new tab behaviour, and it is the most intuitive.


h.ogi said...

Thunderbird3b3 will have the functionality.

Luiz Otávio said...

i would like to open the thunderbird's start page (defined by me, like in another tab but i can't do that... is possible?? thanks (and great job btw)!

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