May 25, 2009

First alpha of Google Contacts for Thunderbird3

I've started to make a Thunderbird3 compatible version of Google Contacts. As the initial test version, I released v0.6a1 at my homepage.

As you may know, many changes for address book landed on Thunderbird3. Especially, redesigning of API has significant influence for making extensions compatible with Thunderbird3, including Google Contacts.

For the reason above, v0.6a1 may have many problems. Please let me know if you find problems.

Before you use v0.6a1, I'd like to notify a precaution to you. Due to the redesingning of address book, there are some differences between data created on Thunderbird2 and one on Thunderbird3. When you upgrade to Thunderbird3, Google Contacts converts and synchronizes them correctly. But if you downgrade, Google Contacts cannot treat data created on Thunderbird3. In other words, it does not have lower compatilibity.

When new test version is available, I'll update "Thunderbird3 Compatibility Testing Thread". Please keep watching the post.

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