Jan 16, 2011

Tag Toolbar 0.8.30b7

Tag Toolbar 0.8.30b7 is now available. In this beta, a transparency of the thread pane color can be changed. See the "Thread pane style" option, which was added in the previous beta. You can change it by either moving the slider bar or input value to the text box. The change is applied after restarting Thunderbird.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for adding background colors!
The problem with the current implementation is that the text is now either white or color. When you choose light colors for tags such as yellow the text is not readable any more - no matter whether the text is in white or color.
It should be possible to leave text in black (then legibility would be perfect on light colored labels).

The current implementation with the slider and the option to tick "Change background colors ..." is a bit confusing. I do not see any difference in "This is a preview" whether the option for background color is ticked or unticked. In case the Transparency slider does not realy function if background color is unticked, then it should be greyed out to avoid confusion.

Anonymous said...

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