Mar 1, 2011

Tag Toolbar 0.8.30b10

Tag Toolbar 0.8.30b10 is now available for download. I will be the last beta for v0.8.30 if there is no big issue. It includes the following changes:

  • Added: add Tag(Category) menu to the Message menu
  • Added: add Tag(Category) menu to the context menus of the thread pane and the message pane
  • Changed: change the icon for the button to add tags to outgoing message


Alessandro said...

Hi. J'm using tags from TB 2 and since many years looking for tags that works embedded into the message so remain across mail return to me (or to also that have TB with tags).
A tentativo to do it was
but to store tags into the header have some very dangerous collateral effect...i.e. delete message on imap server....

Have you resolve this issue ???

thanks for your job !


already post this comment in date 04 march

Alessandro said...

... now j have download last version from mozilla and also some beta version fron your site... and mantain the same tag does not function properly in my imap server, neither one in sent message (even if the tag appear set in composition window), neither the otherone in receive message (when j try to send to me a test message).

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