Mar 15, 2011

Tag Toolbar 0.8.32

Tag Toolbar 0.8.32 is now available. It fixes a problem in v0.8.30 and v0.8.31. The problem creates invalid mail header. Please update immediately if you use v0.8.30 and v0.8.31.


alekciy said...

I create my own email application written by PHP. I use Dovecot. In PHP I can get/set message flags. To decode/encode chars (it's non latin) I use UTF-7. And it's all fine, but Tag Toolbar don't sees it's tags. But I know that Dovecot set it. I see it in dovecot-keywords file and Dovecot rename file message.

It bug Tag Toolbar? Mozilla Thunderbird? This problem has a solution? Can you write a new version and fixbug?

alekciy said...

I see different subscribe and think that it's Mozilla Thunderbird bug. Thunderbird converted chars in lower case so external software can't decode non-system flags.

Therefore I submit bug report

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