Apr 30, 2011

Google Contacts 0.6.35

Google Contacts 0.6.35 is now available for download. Changes in the version are following:

  • Added: upload/delete a contact photo
  • Added: view XML source of a contact
  • Fixed: group mapping does not work for a group specified as “Other”
  • Changed: drop support for Thunderbird 3.0.x


jmtl said...

I use the french version, sorry if the terms that I translate are not the correct ones.

If in the advanced options I leave the default "group deactivated", then only contacts with an e-mail address are copied to my groups.
If I choose to synchronyse only one group like "my contacts" they are all copied (even the ones having no e-mail address).
I imagine it is like this because the e-mail address is use by Google as the "primary key" to identified the contact when assigning it to groups.

With group = deactivated, if in the "conversion" tab I choose the option "add a pseudo address" then all my contacts are copied in the correct group. But there is a problem because Google Contacts does not memorise the last pseudo adresse used. For example if later on, I create in Gmail a new contact with no e-mail address, it will get the pseudo address 1@pseudogooglecontacts and be merged with the one having already this address in Thunderbird. If the last value used cannot be memorised, you could put in place of at the begining of the pseudo adress.

Thank you for this very usefull plug-in.

jmtl said...

Sorry but in my last sentence I used terms between "less than" and "geater than" characters like in HTML tags and they are not visible my comment.

The last sentence should be read:

If the last value used cannot be memorised, you could put {timestamp + serial} in place of only {serial} at the begining of the pseudo address.

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