Sep 22, 2011

Extension updates

New stable versions of my extensions are available: Google Contacts 0.6.37, Check and Send 0.9.23, and Tag Toolbar 0.8.35. The main aim of the updates is to fix compatibility with forthcoming Thunderbird 7.
  • Google Contacts 0.6.37
    • Fixed: cannot work with Thunderbird 7
    • Fixed: duplicated pseudo addresses are created
    • Fixed: fail to retrieve phone numbers and postal address fields
    • Added: option to select postal address filed synchronized with second address field of Thunderbird
    • Added: Tools - Open Google Contacts Web menu, which open Google Contacts web with stand alone mode
  • Check and Send 0.9.23
    • Fixed: cannot work with Thunderbird 7
  • Tag Toolbar 0.8.35
    • Fixed: cannot set "Maximize number of toolbars" option to 0 (infinite)


Paul Lopez said...

Hi, I'm running TB 7.0.1 and installed your Google Contacts Extension (awesome!), but for some reason the work phone and work fax are not being imported? I had installed extension ver. 0.6.37 and then installed the current ver. 0.6.39, but still unable to. Looking over the "View source" of a contact I noticed the phone number for both the work and fax are identified as "main" and "other_fax". Our company decided to go with Gmail for it's corporate email and imported my Groupwise Addressbook into Gmail contacts, all went will, but for the work phone and work fax in Gmail it identifies these fields as "Main" and "Other Fax". So, I decided to experiment and changed the "Main" to "Work" and "Other Fax" to "Work Fax". Restarted TB and reloaded the Gmail address book, now I could see the work phone, but not the work fax. Any way I can let Google contacts or TB identify these fields correctly, I would hate to change 2200 work phone and work fax fields manually. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea. I've installed a previous version (don't remember which one) and used it to sync my t-bird address book with my gmail account. Now i've installed 0.6.37 but there's some problems; i'eve just modified a contact in gmail, but i still can't find it in t-bird. i have nearly 1800 contacts, in the option page i couldn't find where to say the maximum number of contact. please help me!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant: i've modified a contact in gmail, but i still find it not modified in t-bird.

h.ogi said...

You do not need to specify max number anymore.

It may be a bug. Is it always happens? Or only with some contacts?

h.ogi said...

To: Paul Lopez

Sorry, your post was wrongly rejected by a spam filter.

Your guess is right. Google Contacts only see Work phone and Home fax. You cannot configure this behavior because it is hard coded. Is the import tool able to change the attributes? If not, unfortunately, you need to manually change them at Gmail.

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