Oct 16, 2011

Google Contact 0.6.39 and 0.6.40beta

New Google Contacts are available: v0.6.39 and v0.6.40beta. As I posted before, Google Contacts has a problem in photo sync. So, I decided to release v0.6.39 before finishing work for freezing problem. It will be addressed in v0.6.40.

Unfortunately, after I released v0.6.39, a bug was found in a group sync; it was reported by some users as Ticket-80 in Issue Tracking System. It was fixed in v0.6.40b1 and later. But v0.6.40 includes modifications for the performance issue and need more test. So, please use it carefully if you use v0.6.40beta and please let me know if you find a problem.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Anonymous said...

hi, I like your Google Contacts plugin. just one question: is the connection to google ssl secured?

h.ogi said...

Yes. It uses HTTPS.

Unknown said...

I seem to be the only person with this particular problem. I have
searched the Internet and nobody else has reported it.

I am running Thunderbird 9.0.1 and the latest Google Contacts. Only the
work and mobile phone numbers are being carried across from my Google
account to the Thunderbird address book. The home number is ignored.

Also, if I have a contact with an address or phone number with a custom
name, that is not carried across.

I also just noticed that in the address, anything in the Google PO Box
field is also ignored. It does not get carried across to Thunderbird's

There are very annoying, especially the first issue. What is also
annoying is that I have reported this to you before and you have not
replied. I am a decent person. I decided to get your help directly
rather than just writing a trash review in the user comments. The least
you could do is give me some courtesy in return.

This is a potentially good add on but at the moment it needs more work.

Thank you. PLEASE REPLY.

magarlick said...

Hello. I just posted but my name came up as unknown.

Just to add that I have also tried the latest Thunderbird (10.0.1 and 10.0.2) and the latest beta Google Contacts, and the issues are the same.

JohnD said...

I have lost postal addresses. Only for one of three accounts, and only for some of the contacts. They seem to be my most popular contacts, but that may be that they are the only ones I can remember losing something. Problem when updating via TB or Android?

I am currently using TB 12.0.1 and GC 0.6.40 but will date from using TB 10.0.2 and GC 0.6.37 or earlier (problem at least 30 days old ...)

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