Apr 29, 2017

Tag Toolbar for Thunderbird 52

Tag Toolbar has been updated for Thunderbird 52. Please download from the following link:

Tag Toolbar 0.9.00

It is not yet tested enoguh. Please let me know if you find any problems.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, it seems to be working great again!

Tamás Szelényi said...

Dear h.ogi,
Sorry, but it doesn't work with latest TB (52.1.1 (32b))

Tamás Szelényi said...

The toolbar completely disappear from the toolbar section.
Side effect:
When the toolbar enabled I can't click on any menu item (File,Edit,...,Help).
When disabled, the menu accessible again.

Anonymous said...

Dear H.Ogi,
Thanks a lot for your plugin.
I installed it in TB52.2.1 and try to add existing tags to a newly created category, but it seems not to work (tag is not added to category). Also reordering tags or categories doesn't seem to work.
Could you please compatibility with TB52.2.1 and explain how to do this step by step?
Thanks again,
Best regards,

Mario Kusek said...

Dear H. Ogi,

First of all, thank you for this plugin. I am using it every day and I love it but I have one problem.
I have lots of tags and I would like to put them in categories. The creation of new category works, but putting tags into category doesn't work :( When I am in preferences and I select one tag click on button <-- nothing happens.

I am using Mac with TB52.2.1 and plugin 0.9.0. But this same feature dod not work on TB45 with earlier versions of plugin either. I have followed your User Manual for version 6 but it doesn't work :(

I have feature proposal as well. Since I have lots of tags (they does not fit in toolbar) can you create shortcut for adding tags which will open popup window with list of tags and when you start type tag name it will shrink list to tags that has typed string.

Thank you for the great work.

Kind regards,

Jaroslav Huba said...


I am using Tag Toolbar 0.9.00 with TB 52.3.0 (32bit). My TB is newly installed and all tags was imported from previous version

In Tag Toolbar preferences I have two test categories - New Category and weby, each have created one tag inside.

Old tags are all in right columns as Not In This Category:


I CANNOT MOVE OLD TAGS from right column INTO NEW created CATEGORY

in prefs.js I have old tags defined as:


user_pref("mailnews.tags.!_dorie&awa-i&awq-_!.color", "#FF0000");
user_pref("mailnews.tags.!_dorie&awa-i&awq-_!.tag", "!_DORIEŠIŤ_!");
user_pref("mailnews.tags.!_faktury_!.color", "#993399");
user_pref("mailnews.tags.!_faktury_!.tag", "!_FAKTURY_!");
user_pref("mailnews.tags.ae_autoextract.tag", "AE AutoExtract");
user_pref("mailnews.tags.akcie_a_novinky.color", "#009900");
user_pref("mailnews.tags.akcie_a_novinky.tag", "Akcie a novinky");
..... etc...

but new tags and Tag Toolbar preferences are stored in this:

user_pref("ttb..tags", "");
user_pref("ttb.always_show_small_icons", true);
user_pref("ttb.cat0.name", "New Category");
user_pref("ttb.cat0.tags", "test");
user_pref("ttb.cat1.name", "weby");
user_pref("ttb.cat1.tags", "test.sk");
user_pref("ttb.cats", "cat0,cat1");
user_pref("ttb.cats.delimiter", "%");
user_pref("ttb.cats.migrated", true);
user_pref("ttb.compose_reproduce_orig_tags", true);
user_pref("ttb.hide_tags_hdr", false);
user_pref("ttb.max_recent_tags", 5);
user_pref("ttb.max_toolbars", 1);
user_pref("ttb.recent_tags", "vodomontsro.sk%zlatazalozna.sk%zahradnictvopodurpinom.sk%xnote%windor.sk");
user_pref("ttb.remember_cat", true);
user_pref("ttb.thread_bgcolor.enabled", false);
user_pref("ttb.thread_bgcolor.lightness", "0.75");
user_pref("ttb.thread_fgcolor", 0);

My question is:

Is possible fix this Bug with no moveable tags into new categories by manually editing prefs.js file ?

thank you for reply

with regards

Henning Kockerbeck said...

I also run into the bug that I couldn't assign tags to tag categories. If you are comfortable with editing the code of the addon yourself, you can fix the bug yourself, at least to a degree. In the file settings.js, look for the functions swapTagsBetweenCats and moveTagsInCat. In both those functions, there should be the line tags = tags.sort(sortFunc);. Comment out that line in both functions.

Because you're commenting out the lines, the tags will not be automatically sorted any longer. The file settings.js may be inside a jar file, which in turn may be inside an xpi file. So it might be a bit tricky to edit it.

To explain the background a little, previously listbox.selectedItems returned the selected items in an array, which offered a sort method. That was changed in Firefox 45, and I strongly assumed it was changed in Thunderbird as well (https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=120684). Now, listbox.selectedItems returns a ChromeNodeList, which does not offer a sort method.

Anonymous said...


This project is nice but is there a way to have an upgrade with something like what
I will describe below? So, I have many folders with filter rules. Not all the emails
from those folders are addressed to me but only some of them. So, I am able to tag
the emails in those folders which are intended to me. What I would like to know is
if there is a way to have color flags near every folder and those color flags to
let me know if I received emails which were sorted in different folders but which
are intended to me. An example is something like this:
important folder (2000) - [tag color for 1] [tag color 2] ... [tag color 3]

or maybe something like this:
important folder (2000, 2, 4)
where the 2 might be the number of emails received in "important folder" which were tagged for me, 4 might be the number of emails received in "important folder" which were tagged
for me as being in cc and so on.

Thank you,

Ja said...

I am new to this great Addon.
Using TB 52.5.2 32bit with Tag Toolbar 0.9.00

A) Adding tags to sent messages does not work. What could be the problem? Tried option "Add the same tags the original message has" - didn't work either.

B) What does "Hide tags in header view" do? I can't see any difference.

Thanks for helping!

Erwan Tesson said...

Hi everyone,

Obviously this add-on was very helpfull for everybody, except that it's not still working with the latest upgrade of Thunderbird.

The author seems not be active since a long time, meaning there is no hope to have a fix from him.

I can read several comments here or on the mozilla's page explaining how to fix the bug inside the code itself.

Has someone already repaired it by himself ? If yes, could it be possible to get this fix ?

Best Regards,


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