Nov 16, 2007

Tag bar will disappear from toolbar palette if you use Lightning

A problem of Tag Toolbar has been found; Tag bar will disappear from the toolbar palette if you put Tag bar to there. This occurs only in the toolbar in the main window of Thunderbird and with Lightning0.7.

If you don't need tag toolbar in the main window anymore, this is not a problem. If you want to back Tag bar to the toolbar, the Restore Default Set button in the toolbar palette and set the toolbar to default state. Tag bar will come back to the toobar after the operation. It will be troublesome to you because you need to customize toolbar again but there is no workaround other than it.


Anonymous said...

In my case instead the bar (or precisely the labels) disappear every time I select "icons only" in customizing toolbar. If I reselect "icons & text" the labels reappear. I think this is not the right behavior. Hope this can be helpful for next release.

h.ogi said...

I use the extension with the Icons only mode. Do you use a theme?

Anonymous said...

Yes... I use CuteBird (Graphite). The problem is effectively related to the specific theme. I have tried other themes (and also the default one) and the toolbar works as expected (well). Unfortunately using CuteBird not! I'll post the "bug" in CuteBird developers forum.
Regards and thanks for the great extension!

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