Mar 23, 2009

Google Contacts 0.5.50 was released

Google Contacts 0.5.50 is now available for download. It is an official update of Google Contacts. In some locales, strings are not fully translated but I've released it since it fixes serious bugs such as crashing issues.

It fixes many bugs, including performance issues, and newly have the following functionalities:
  • Group mapping: an option to synchronize a Google group into Thunderbird address book,
  • Disk cache: an option to flush memory data to a disk,
  • Read only mode.
I'll post later details of the new functionalities.

I've re-upload v0.5.50 since the previous one has a problem in locale packaging. Please download again if you download v0.5.50 before 24 March.


Christian said...

Hey h.ogi!

Thanks for the release! I was absolutely excited, because 5.50b5 appears to work only in rare cases. I added an EMail Adress to an existing card and it has not been synced for days. Trying the new release, I encounter the following error (displayed in a Thunderbird pop-up window - afterwards config screen does not display):

XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: Undefinierte Entit├Ąt
Adresse: chrome://gmcont/content/settings.xul
Zeile Nr. 35, Spalte 5: < tab id="advtab" label="&gmcont_set.advtab;"/>

Can you do anything about it?


Tim said...

I tried it and from my 180 contacts in gmail only 29 of them appear in thunderbird... What did i do wrong?

h.ogi said...


I mistook to package locales. Please download the xpi again and install it.

h.ogi said...


Please download the xpi again and confirm the maximum number of contacts to be retrieved.

Anonymous said...

Just tried it and it looks like it works well: add,delete and modify from both GMail and Thunderbird worked like a charm!

A minor thing, at first it only pulled from GMail 24 contacts, but when I set the limit to 500 (it was at 0 initially), all contacts were synced!

great application, get back to you after a few days of real use!

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