Jun 13, 2010

Check and Send 0.9.20

I've uploaded Check and Send 0.9.20. It fixes the following problems:
  • Fixed: "Ignore the occurrences in quoted text" option does not work
  • Fixed: Support Thunderbird 3.1
  • Fixed: Change homepage URL
  • Added: cs locale


Mike said...

I'm using Check and Send 0.9.2 with TB 3.1.2. It's great, but seems to get confused when removing recipient names, when the recipient is a list name. For example if I have a mailing list named List1, it displays when selected on the Write form as List1<"List1">. The extension then removes the name as requested to give "List1". It then objects that this is not a valid email address. Is there a way around this?

h.ogi said...

I could reproduce the issue and fixed it in 0.9.21. Please try it.

Mike said...

Tested fine now. Many thanks

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