Nov 2, 2010

Beta test for Tag Toolbar 0.8.30 has started

I've started beta testing for Tag Toolbar 0.8.30. v0.8.30b3 is the latest so far. The beta includes the following new features which have been requested many users.
  • Sharing tags:
       Embed tags information within a mail header and send it to recipients. If they fulfill the following conditions, the tags will be reproduced at recipients sides:
    • Recipients have the same tags as you
    • Recipients have installed Tag Toolbar 0.8.30
    To use the function, select tags you want to share and click "Clip" icon in Tag Toolbar in a message composing window (see the image below):
      If tags are selected but the icon is not clicked, the tags are added only to a message in your sent folder; it is a function previous versions have. In the case, tags information does not embedded.
      Tag Toolbar's tag import function is useful to share your tags setting with others. Please try it too.
  • Reproducing original tags on replying, forwarding:
      When you reply or forward a message, tags attached the original message are selected in a message composing window automatically. It is enabled by default. If you don't need the function, open Tag Toolbar's option and uncheck the "Reproduce tags attached to original message" option.
  • Tag category button:
       It is a toolbar button to add tags via category. It is a request from users who need Tag Toolbar's category only. The button is not added to toolbar by default. Customize your toolbar and put the icon below:

I'm glad if I could hear your thoughts about these features. If you have comments or suggestions for Tag Toolbar, please feel free to post here.


Marco said...

Thanks for those improvements.

I tested the "Reproducing original tags on replying, forwarding" functionality with IMAP.

It seems to work OK, except that tags are not saved in the sent messages. I believe that is a bug you fixed from 8.20 to 8.21. It seems broken again in the 8.30b3 beta.

h.ogi said...

Thanks for the report. It is fixed in 0.8.30b4. Could you test it?

klint said...

That sounds very promising, but... I am not even able to save tags attached to sent mails.

Are those tags supposed to appear like any other tag (like on received messages), and are they stored in the same way that those other tags (I mean, not in the mail header, but in the mailbox file or in the database, I suppose?)

Note that my sent mails are stored in a specific "Sent Copies" folder, not in the default one for the account. Does this change anything?

Thanks again :)

klint said...

Hi again
And now I have a suggestion ;)
When replying with tags take automatically, or even when sending a new mail and attaching tags, we may not want that ALL attached tags are sent.
Typically, I have 2 categories of tags: the ones set manually by me (and that I could forward), and the ones set automatically by various add-ons (those one won't be of any interest for the recipient).
So, could you set up a way to identify tags that should be sent? Like a specific category for the tags to be SENT (or reverse, NOT to be sent)??

Anonymous said...

Tag Toolbar is a really helpful add-on. I used it with TB 2 but with TB 3 tagged messages are not colored any more in the message pane. In 0.8.30 this problem persists.
I disabled all add-ons to see whether there is any incompatibility with other add-ons but still the same problem.
Any solution to fix this?

Anonymous said...

The problem I described above seems to be linked to the add-on Mail Tweak. When I ticked Tag Tools in Mail Tweak Options the colors were back except for one tag, which still does not show a tagged email in that tag's color.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, after restarting TB it's as before, i.e. tagging an email does not color it.
Ticking and un-ticking Tag Tools in Mail Tweak Options does not help either. Disabling Mail Tweak does not help as well.

Anonymous said...

I fixed it by deleting all tags and setting them up again.
Great addon!
Is there a possibility to have tagged messages highlighted in color (i.e. background in color) instead of changing the letters to color. This would make it even easier to visually discern tagged messages.

h.ogi said...

Try the following:
1. create a directory named "chrome" in your profile directory
2. go to the page and copy code there
3. save the code as userChrome.css and put the file to the chrome directory
4. start Thunderbird

Anonymous said...

Great! Many thanks! When Google-ing for such a solution, I saw that there were a number of people looking for this. So, maybe you could include an option to change tags to background color into a future version of Tag Toolbar.

h.ogi said...

I've added the coloring option to the latest beta: v0.6.30b6. The style is different from ones I showed but I'm glad if you like it too.

Alessandro said...

Hi. J'm using tags from TB 2 and since many years looking for tags that works embedded into the message so remain across mail return to me (or to also that have TB with tags).
A tentativo to do it was
but to store tags into the header have some very dangerous collateral effect...i.e. delete message on imap server....

Have you resolve this issue ???

thanks for your job !


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