May 18, 2008

Gmail IMAP Account Setup 1.4.50

Gmail IMAP Account Setup 1.4.50 is now available for download.
tr-TR locale is newly supported in this version.


Felipe said...

I love this extension.

keep up the good work!

h.ogi said...

Thanks for using my extension.
Please try new extension, Google Contacts, too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for such a great extension!

I would love the option when deleting email that they are also moved to Trash folder, not only removing label.

Thank you in advance!

h.ogi said...

If you want to remove a message, you simply move the message to the trash folder. I don't think the option is needed. Why do you want the option?

Anonymous said...

Yeah i know that. But it is easier just to click on the delete button and then the message goes to trash folder.
The same functionality is in the web version of gmail. If you click on the delete button the message goes to trash.
I actually archive most of my email by applying labels, but some emails i just want to delete (and not archive), not only remove label.

Anonymous said...

This functionality could be optional when deleting email.
1.Delete --> move to trash
2.Delete --> remove label

This is my opinion, i would love that

h.ogi said...

Open Tools->Account Settings and select Server Settings below the Gmail account. You will see "When I delete a message:". Set it "Move it to the Trash folder". This is the setting for your option 1.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this advice!
That's what i was looking for.

txnx thnx thnx x 10000 ;)

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