Feb 10, 2019

Supporting Forthcoming Thunderbird (Thunderbird 65 - )

I've released new beta add-ons. They are the first beta for Thunderbird 65 Beta4.
Please feel free to comment here if you find problem.

  • Check and Send 1.1.00b1
  • Priority Switcher 0.8.00b1
  • New Tab Button 0.3.00b1
  • Tag Toolbar 1.0.00b1
  • Maximize Message Pane 1.3.00b1

Updating EnFoward is also planned but it need some time.


[2019/07/30 Note]
Now Thunderbird 69b1 is available but the all add-ons have compatibility issue.

[2019/08/26 Update]
Add-ons for Thunderbird 68.0 are available.


Unknown said...

Are you continuing your updates for Thunderbird 68?

h.ogi said...

Yes. I will. But it may take some time.

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